Vacation Home Insurance

Most people consider their vacation homes to be a treasure – that special place to get away to that is inspirational and helps heal the stress of city life.

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Also protects outdoor structures like a shed
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Vacation Home Insurance

Most people consider their vacation homes to be a treasure – that special place to get away to that is inspirational and helps heal the stress of city life.

Starting from $30/month.

What It Covers
There are all kinds of vacation homes and properties. All are precious to those who own them. Whether you own a cottage by the lake, a shack in the woods or a luxury villa, it doesn’t matter. You need insurance to protect your home away from home.

Vacation Home Insurance protects against risks to your vacation home and its contents against risks like fire, theft, vandalism and damage by some animals (speak to a broker). It also provides third-party bodily injury or property damage at your seasonal property:

The Structures
In addition to your vacation home this insurance covers attached structures, permanently installed structures, swimming pools and any attached equipment.
This insurance covers all the contents of your property which can include clothing, electronics or furniture. Keep an inventory. Most policies also cover theft or burglary.
This protects you in the event of someone being injured on your property. Should someone sue you due to a slip or a fall on your property, it helps cover legal costs including personal injury and property damage.
How Frequently Its Occupied
You are not there year-round, so the risk of burglary or vandalism is higher, and so any damage goes unnoticed, getting rose without repair. It matters how much you use it.
Whether or Not You Rent It
Renting may provide extra income, but you will need to review your policy with a broker to ensure it covers renting. And personal items may not be protected.
What Isn’t Covered
Septic backup & flooding
Damage to vehicles, campers or trailers
Damage caused by bears or racoons

Not everything is covered by Vacation Home Insurance. This is why it is critical to do an inventory and speak properly to a broker, who can make sure you don’t pay for something you don’t need.

What Influences Cost
A number of factors will influence the cost of your insurance. The size and age of your property, for one. This will determine whether you can list the property as part of your home insurance as a seasonal location, or a stand-alone policy. Other factors that influence cost include your property’s proximity to a fire station or a fire hydrant, and how you heat your property (for example oil, electricity, propane or a wood stove).
When Your Property is Unoccupied
We don’t always think of everything when we consider how to protect our property when no one is there. Some tips include:
Turn off water supply & drain water lines
Inspect your property thoroughly after severe weather
Ensure propane & fuel lines disconnected, shut off valves
Remove outdoor items that could be used to break in like bricks
Pay attention to any trees close to your property that appear unstable
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