Travel Insurance

travel health emergencies covered

Super Visa Insurance

Missing your family who is overseas? We are here to reunite your parents and grandparents with minimal hassle.

Key Benefits of Super Visa Insurance

Easy Online Application

Choose the policy that suites your needs.

Guaranteed Acceptance

No medical question for age 55 and below.

Choice of Insurance Amount

$100,000 up to $300,000 for emergency health coverage.

Pack your bags as our Super Visa Insurance is taking you to your loved ones. No medical expense or dental cost, only hassle-free reunion. Why wait any longer? Apply now.

responses to questions


1. Super Visa Insurance typically covers.
It typically covers emergency medical, hospital care, emergency dental care, prescription medication, medical evacuation/emergency return home, and travel assistance.
2. Who is eligible for Super Visa Insurance?

Parents or grandparents of a permanent resident of Canada or Canadian citizen must attain Super Visa Insurance prior to application to accomplish eligibility.

3. What questions would be asked while applying for the Super Visa Insurance?

You will be asked:


  • Your primary location in Canada.
  • Initial date of coverage.
  • Number of travelers.
  • Birth date of oldest traveler.
  • Applicant’s gender.
  • Applicant’s relationship.

Visitors to Canada Insurance

Prepare for a hassle-free visit to Canada with our Visitors to Canada Insurance. Our product offers travel medical coverage that’s easy, affordable and user-friendly so you don’t end up draining savings.

Key Benefits of Visitors to Canada Insurance

Worldwide Travel Assistance

Our global networks work for you 24/7.

Guaranteed Acceptance

Less hassle, more benefits.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Available for medical conditions that have been stable for 6 months prior to purchasing the coverage.
Visit Canada with our exclusive Visitors to Canada Insurance. Our Visitors to Canada Insurance is affordable and can be customized for your needs. Pack your bags and get a quote today!

responses to questions


1. What is Visitors to Canada Insurance?
Visitors to Canada Insurance assures a safe and enjoyable visit of a person who is visiting the insurance holder of Canada from other country.
2. Who does Visitors to Canada Insurance target?
  • Visitors to Canada
  • Super Visa applicants
  • Returning Canadians and landed immigrants waiting for their Government Health Insurance Plan coverage to kick in and seeking emergency-only coverage.
3. Why do visitors to Canada need visitor insurance in Canada?
Visitors to Canada Insurance protects you from having to pay expensive medical or hospital expenses in the event that your guest experiences illness or an accident during their stay.

Travelling Canadians Insurance

Flying for a quick trip or business meeting anywhere in the world? Travelling Canada Insurance is imperative to cover your medical expenses in the event you require care while abroad.

Key Benefits of Other Travelling Canadians

Protect One Trip

Choose an affordable single-trip plan.

Extra Protection

Add extra days and features for multi-plan trips.

Trip Cancellation

No longer travelling? Easy trip cancellation.
Whether it’s a business meeting or a family trip, get yourself protected before stepping out of your home. Be smart; get a quote before hitting the road full of uncertainties!

responses to questions


1. Do I need Travel Insurance if travelling within Canada?

When travelling outside your home, there are certain limits on how much government health insurance plan will cover. Travel Insurance helps with these expenses when travelling within Canada or another part of the world.

2. Can a grandchild be covered under a family Travel Insurance plan?
Yes, a grandchild can be covered if he/she must be named on insurance holder’s confirmation and be travelling with him. Also, all travelers covered under a family Travel Insurance plan must be under age 60.
3. Can someone extend Travel Insurance during a trip?

One can add extra days in single-trip plan while travelling provided that there has been:

  • No incident that has/may result in a claim against the policy, and
  • No change in health conditions.