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It’s easy to take our ability to perform day-to-day activities for granted. But this can change, especially as we age.
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If you or a loved one ever needs long term care, the out-of-pocket expenses could easily total thousands of dollars. That’s because provincial health insurance plans provide only limited coverage for long term care.

Long term care insurance from Save Me Dollars® helps to fill that gap, while also allowing you to reduce the burden on loved ones and maintain more control over your future.

Your independence is still intact. You are self-sufficient and able to manage chronic health problems and disabilities without the help of others. There’s no immediate impact on your family.
Your extensive care needs can only be adequately met in a long-term care facility. Skilled nursing and extensive personal care can allow you to continue to live with dignity and enable your family to continue providing emotional and social support, while still attending to their own responsibilities.
Why do you need long-term care insurance?
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Canadians are living longer than ever before, which is great news. But as we reach age 65, the likelihood of needing some form of long-term care support also grows.

If you become unable to care for yourself, or should the same happen to your spouse or parent, long term care—at either a facility or at home—may be necessary. With the high cost of care and the coverage gaps that exist in provincial health insurance plans, the expenses can be staggering.

Provincial health insurance plans simply don’t have the resources to pay the full cost of long term care, even in subsidized facilities. They offer NO coverage for private facility care, and pay only a limited amount for care at home. The expenses for private nursing, cooking, cleaning, shopping, etc. will be largely your responsibility.

Over time, these expenses can add up to thousands of dollars. Without proper planning, the cost of long term care may quickly deplete your savings, assets and retirement income.

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With long term care insurance from Save Me Dollars, you’ll have the financial resources needed to help protect your future and preserve the financial independence you’ve worked so hard to achieve—even in the face of a serious health setback. We offer flexible plan choices that allow you to choose your care setting (facility or home), daily benefit amount, benefits period and much more.

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