Income Protection
Continue Caring For Your Family

In Case Of Injury or Illness

Critical Illness Insurance

Life is uncertain but our critical illness insurance isn’t. We make you independent for impromptu health conditions like cancer, stroke, heart attack or 21 other elements.

Key Benefits of Critical Illness Insurance

Low Cost, High Quality

A small income portion can save you from future financial ruin.

Living Benefits

Reap the policy benefits while you are alive.

Prepare for Pandemic

Covering COVID-19 treatments and medications.

Turn life insecurities into insurances and live a carefree lifestyle. Quick, affordable, and no medical exam required. Avail a quote today!

responses to questions


1. What does critical illness insurance cover?
Cancer, heart attack, and stroke are the most common critical illnesses that are covered under this product.
2. How critical illness insurance works?
The insurance will help with treatment, care, medications, special prescriptions, livings costs, and other expenses.
3. What are the criteria for getting guaranteed critical illness insurance?
It doesn’t require any medical exam and even sometimes doesn’t demand any medical questionnaire. One can qualify for the product with a medical history of alcohol or drug abuse, heart failure, obesity, depression, HIV, or multiple sclerosis.

Disability Insurance

Get covered with our tailored disability insurance to secure the happiness of your family during future uncertainty that leaves you unable to earn an income.

Key Benefits of Disability Insurance

Easy Process

Built especially for the most challenging candidates.

Future insurability

Increase benefit amount as income increases, regardless of health.

Protection of Family

Pay your family bills even being on sick leaves.

Want to keep impromptu health conditions at bay? Disability Insurance is the right fit as it is easy, flexible, and customized. Get a free quote now!

responses to questions


1. What is disability insurance?
The insurance covers your income in case you become disabled to such a point where you can’t pay for your expenses.
2. Who can avail Disability Insurance with no medical exam?
One is qualified who are/have:

• Self-employed, contractor, or a part-time worker.
• Who wants to top up their group coverage?
• Have concerns regarding eligibility for traditional disability coverage.
3. How much disability insurance do I require?
It differs typically from 50% to 85% of your income. Putting it simply, the higher the coverage, the more expensive the policy.

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