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If you die, we give you a proper send-off and help your family keep living their best life.
Fast payout when your family needs it most
Built-in Wealth Bonus
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Designed for self service and internet generation.

Simplified Policy is fully digital, utilizing technology to simplify the process of buying life insurance. Simpler, smarter, and more rewarding.

What is Life Cover + Quick Payout?
Life insurance designed to give you a proper send-off, while protecting your dependants from large debts (like home, vehicle or credit loans) by paying a lump sum if you kick the bucket. This means that if you die, your family receives a quick payout of up to R50,000 if you’ve been with Sanlam Indie for longer than 6 months, and a larger lump sum later on.

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How are Life Cover claims paid?
Claims are paid as fast as possible. How long that’ll take depends on the nature of the claim, as well as how quickly we’re given the claims documentation.

A unique feature of Sanlam Indie Life Cover is the quick payout, which is issued promptly at the time of claiming (after some basic checks)…

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Can I skip a premium?

You can skip 5 premiums total in the first 3 years. If you skip 6 premiums in the first 3 years of taking out your policy, you will have to pay your premium before your next billing date to avoid your policy lapsing. Any claims made during this period may not be paid out.

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How long will I be Insured?
This cover will last for as long as you continue to pay premiums. Obviously, if you die and we pay a claim, then the cover will also stop.

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Insure your life and Chris will invest in you.

We match up to 100% of your life insurance premium into a Wealth Bonus that tracks the market like an investment. Every premium you pay helps create wealth for your future.
Simpler, smarter,
more rewarding
life insurance.
We think life insurance should be more about living. So we’ve reinvented it to help you get on with life.
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